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  • Hello Winter!

    After years of an upward trending housing market, it is no secret that things are different now. The question most often asked of us these days is “Hows the market?”. Well, apart from the obvious flattening and in a lot of areas, falls, there are good opportunities available to make … Read more

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  • Timing Your Run!

    Hello! With winter fast approaching, the ugg boots are on, the fire is lit and most of us indulge in some luxurious hibernation. If you are thinking of selling in winter, great! There is usually less competition from other sellers. If it is a spring sale you are after, we … Read more

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  • Selling in the best amount of time.

    Hello! If you’re thinking of selling but you’ve missed the summer rush don’t despair, there are some great advantages to selling in the Autumn months. For one, the weather is cooler and your gardens are probably at their very best at this time of year. Add to that the fact … Read more

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  • Hello Autumn!

    Hello! As Summer draws to a close and people start gravitating towards cozy nights on the couch our team at Carpenter Realty are busier than ever and showing absolutely no sign of slowing down. We have new, exciting properties coming to market each week and you may have noticed that … Read more

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  • Hello to February!

    What a roaring start to the year! We feel like we blinked and suddenly it is February! The start of 2019 has been super busy for us at Carpenter Realty, with a huge wave of summer properties coming to market and lots of buyers out and about looking at … Read more

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  • Welcome to 2019!

    Hello! Welcome to the new year! Early January is always a good time to visit your goals and dreams and put some plans in place for the year ahead. As the management team of Carpenter Realty our resolutions for 2019 are to stay firmly on the track we have set … Read more

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